Yapeal Review — Should you #JoinTheMovement?

Investing Hero
Oct 29, 2020

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Yapeal is a fresh new player in the field of digital banking, and joins the likes of Revolut, Neon and Zak in an increasingly competitive and challenging space.

But for us the consumer, the more competition in the marketplace, the better 😊

Founded in 2018, Yapeal have now successfully acquired a Swiss fintech license and secured further investor funding — and are quickly maturing and rolling out new updates to their mobile app.

If the marketing is anything to go by, at the very least this is going to be an interesting discovery process for me, and potentially a serious disruptor in the space to replace my other bank cards.

As usual, I’ll be showing the account opening process, step by step, in order to show you the full journey before committing to opening an account and ‘joining the movement’.

I’ll also be highlighting some of the differences to the other major Swiss digital challenger banks in Switzerland — Neon and Zak.

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