VIAC Review — The best 3rd pillar in Switzerland?

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2 min readDec 26, 2019

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Headquartered in Basel and founded in 2017 by Daniel Peter, Christian Mathis and Dr. Jonas Gusset, VIAC was born from the idea to offer a simple, cost efficient and transparent way to save for your pension.

VIAC offers some of the most competitive rates to invest your third pillar in Switzerland. Infact, as of today, they are the cheapest way to invest and have over 16,000 clients already doing so.

The transparency on these fees is refreshing, but they are also heavily focused on streamlining the customer experience and ensure the account opening process is extremely straight forward and pain free. Which is awesome.

Despite the fancy SAS style front end and slick user interface, VIAC is backed by the Terzo Pension fund from WIR Bank based in Basel, which has some 6 billion CHF under management and is regulated by FINMA. Securites are held with Credit Suisse.

VIAC Pros and Cons

As you can see from the rating above and this review, VIAC is crushing it. For a third pillar option in Switzerland you can’t really go wrong — and the market is playing catchup as VIAC leads the way with rock bottom prices and a slick customer experience.

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