Bank Cler Zak — The Best Free Bank Account in Switzerland?

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Zak Review 2020

Zak is a product from Bank Cler, formally Bank Coop, which proudly champions itself as being ‘the first free swiss bank from your smartphone’. Really? A free bank account, in Switzerland, with no hidden fees?

Sounds like a dream come true.

The Zak app is part of the new offering from Bank Cler looking to target a younger audience (from just 15years old!) and challenging the traditional swiss banks with a streamlined account opening process and slick user experience.

As much as I like paying 60+ CHF a year to traditional swiss banks for my plastic bank card, which sits gathering dust in a drawer, I’m keen to give this new kid on the block a go.

As always, I’ll be documenting the account opening process in this Zak review with a simple step by step process to give you all the pros and cons of this latest offering from Bank Cler.

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